Challenger Bracelet

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*****Lapis Lazuli and Howlite Elevated Triple Wrap*****

This "Challenger" Elevated Triple Wrap is made with Lapis Lazuli, Howlite beads, Swarovski Crystal Skulls and Sterling Silver components.

Lapis Lazuli energy properties - Associated with the Throat Chakra. Said to bring Truth, Inner power, Organization, Communication and enhance Mental Clarity and Love and Fidelity in Marriage. Stone of Mental Organization.

White Howlite energy Properties - Associated with the Crown Chakra, it is said to relieve insomnia and relieve stress of all kinds, and is also known for its super calming properties. White Howlite is a stone of Awareness.

Lapis Lazuli beads 6mm
White Howlite beads 6mm
2x Swarovski Crystal Denim Skulls
Sterling Silver Spacers
Premium elastic cord